Win cash by saving RM1,000 in 30 days!

In a recent study reported by Bank Negara,
‘75% of Malaysians can’t raise RM1,000 in an emergency’. Let’s prove this wrong!

Challenge starts in:


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Step 1

Download the HeyAlfred app and sign up.

Step 2

Join the challenge by making the participation fee before 07 April 2021.

Step 3

Invite friends to join the challenge to increase the cash pool prize.

Step 4

Collect the required number of points by saving RM1,000 or more. Earn more points by completing task in-app.

The More The Merrier!

Refer a friend to increase the pool prize!
For every friend that joins we will increase the cash pool prize by RM10.


Sign Ups


Cash Prize Pool



Abang Abu

The “Simpan Challenge” was first introduced by well-known financial literacy advocate, Abuayubul Al-Ansari affectionately known as ‘Abang Abu, Mekanik Wang’ in 2009. This challenge aims to foster the habit of savings amongst the average Malaysian. Successful participants will then be rewarded with a cash pool prize to be distributed among all winners.

The “Simpan Challenge” returns this year via a mobile experience powered by HeyAlfred & Pod Savings.

How it works?

Frequently Asked Questions

The campaign is open to Malaysian citizens/PR. Participant(s) simply have to download the HeyAlfred app and sign up for the campaign.
Yes. A non-refundable fee of RM20 only will be imposed. However, for every participant that joins the challenge, RM10 will be added to the cash pool prize.

Successful participants will receive a portion of the total cash pool prize.
This amount will be credited into their Pods’s Saving account at the end of the challenge.


Cash Pool Prize: RM50,000
Total winners: 1000
Cash reward: RM50,000 / 1000 = RM50/winner

We make sure the savings and user data are secured. Data is encrypted as it travels from HeyAlfred platform to the savings partner, Pod.

All savings are deposited with a custodian, Pacific Trustees Berhad, a licensed trustee registered under Securities Commission Malaysia.

Participants will not be able to withdraw their savings until the challenge end date.

You will not be eligible for the cash pool distribution. Your funds are still save and will be available for withdrawal after the challenge end date.

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